Body Acceptance Practice:Start Walking the Walk

Body acceptance is the ONLY path OUT of diet hell. Everything else just leads in circles.

Accepting your body is a practice. Its day in and day out because the messaging that your body is not good enough, that your fat makes you a failure, is constant and oppressive.

Body Acceptance is not about letting your body go. It’s about letting go of stories about what your body should be. It’s a practice, not a destination. (That’s why I created Body Acceptance Practice BINGO).

If you have tried dieting for weight loss, you know how awesome it is until the scale moves the wrong direction. You are right back in the hell of Shame and guilt that you thought you were moving out of. Weight loss, or any kind of aesthetic change, is not the path out. Changing your body is not the key to accepting it.

The thing is that Body Acceptance isn’t so much about your body at all. It’s about the lens you use to see the world. Society, and in particular diet culture, give us a lens through which to view the world and our bodies. Body acceptance is about the stories we tell ourselves about what existing in this body right now allows us to experience.

To accept your body is to take control of your life, your energy, your money, and your mental health. Constantly chasing an ideal that gets further and further away is exhausting.

For years, I held back from experiencing life because of my fat body. This was my narrative:

  • I never experienced movement or food through a lense of nourishment or fulfilment, but always from a place of diet and weight loss.
  • I was constantly hyper aware of my bigness and feeling like my bigness made me a failure, shameful and less desirable.
  • I constantly berated myself for just not being able to get my shit together. Afterall, thousands (if not millions) of people have lost weight, why can’t I?
  • I covered my body always looking for close to minimize or hide the fat (and therefore undesirable) parts of my body. I didn’t wear a tank top or shorts in summer until my 30’s.
  • I held back from trying new
  • I held back from trying new things because I was scared of being seen and judged.

When I got pregnant, I got serious about changing my mindset around my body but I didn’t know where to begin. I had literally been at war with my body since I was 5 years old. I was now 30.

Accepting your body is a choice. One choice that you make every day 100 times on and on ad naseum.

I created body acceptance practice BINGO (BAPB)to make the daily practices into a game. I am bombarded with messages every day telling me I am not good enough. I’m not thin enough, qualified enough, pretty enough, (insert way I’m not enough) enough. While some of the practices are directly related to my body (moving with joy, etc.), BAPB is about more than that.

For years, I held back from things I wanted to experience because I was scared to experience them in this body. I was scared to try out for a play because I feared being seen during costume change. I abstained from joining a softball team because I was scared of failing (and of people assuming I would fail because of my size.) Accepting your body is paramount to showing up fully in your life.

My response to those messages is active. I intentionally affirm my story as well as my exclusive authority to write it every single day. Here are some daily activities that help me step into my body and into my power

  • Speaking honest affirmations out loud with confidence. (My favorite: I have everything I need to figure it out.)
  • Trying new things. When you are afraid of being seen or judged, it’s hard to try new things. It’s vulnerable to be out there.
  • Moving in a way that feels good. I don’t judge it, I just move my body intentionally to feel good.
  • Practice acknowledging and expressing gratitude.

If you are ready to start living your fullest life in this body, then grab your free Body Acceptance Practice Bingo card.

Body acceptance practice BINGO is 24 simple practices to:

*practice speaking kindly to yourself
*practice giving compliments beyond appearance
*Experience and express gratitude
*Approach food and movement from a nourishing and fulfilling place
*and more!

How may ways can you get BINGO? Click to download!

Get My Body Acceptance BINGO Card

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