You Can’t Be a Trainer, You’re Fat!


Can you be plus sized, overweight, and fat and still be a fitness trainer? What do you do when your body just doesn’t “represent” the way it should?

Just Google “Fit Woman.” I’ll wait.

Spoiler alert. That is not me. I am not small. I am not thin. I’m not lean. I don’t run. I don’t look that pretty when I sweat. I have fat rolls, and dimples. I have batwings and loose skin. 

I know because of that, there are people that would not want my fitness services and coaching. That’s ok. I’m not here for everyone. We are all allowed to choose our own goals, and build the crew to get us there.  I don’t fit your crew, if I don’t make your team, we’re still cool. I want you to be successful in whatever your goals are.

I can only speak to the fitness journey I have walked, and to my own experience.

Fitness and nutrition are open invitations to connect with your body over and over again. You are invited to experience those things in the way that works for YOU. I’m here to walk that journey with you. 

  • I’m for women like me who have struggled for years feeling insecure and strange in their own bodies.Women who have been told that in fitness, their ONLY option is weight loss, and their only measure of success an arbitrary number on a scale, and who want to shift focus to discovering and appreciating what their bodies are capable of. I can tell you how I worked to replace apologies for my body (especially in fitness) with pride and love for my body. I can help you to explore fitness and discover what your body is capable of.
  • I’m for women who have never enjoyed Powerful, Positive and Personal FitnessIf movement and fitness have always been the means to an after picture, a punishment for bad food choices, a source of dread, I see you.
  • I am for women who are trying to walk that journey of building self-love and body acceptance with all of its ups and downs.

    I walk the path of building self-love every day. I can share honestly in the struggles I have to love my body size, and especially my body fat. I’m working to embody the “we can love our bodies as they are, even if we have aesthetic goals to change them” mentality. Some days it’s easy, other days I want to throw all of my clothes into a large pile on the floor and burn them.
  • I am for women who struggle to heal broken relationships with food.
    I have a dysfunctional relationship with food. Food has been my comfort for 30 years. I struggle with emotional eating, mindless eating, and bingeing. I don’t have it all figured out. I spend a lot of time off the wagon too. Some days I win big and I celebrate, other days I lose control and I have to figure out a way to process and make peace with the emotions that follow.I can share nutrition resources and information to help you make your own decisions about how you choose to eat and provide you support as you work to heal your relationship with food.

You deserve to feel like you are invited, accepted and welcomed Movement is for everybody. Every body. All sizes, shapes, colors and abilities.

All women deserve to push towards our own goals, not the goals society tells us we should aspire to. There is a place for everyone in fitness.



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