Total Body MiniBand Circuit

If you’ve never used minibands before, you are in for a treat Minibands are great because they are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to use and are a great way to add intensity and variety to common movements. Plus they are super affordable!

If you don’t have minibands, you can pick them up on Amazon, cheap!

Below is a full body circuit you can do with minibands that will have your whole body burning. This circuit is low impact and all done from a standing position, but don’t let that fool you. This is by no means easy!

This also makes a great muscle activation series to add to the start of your workout.

Total Body Mini Band Circuit

Perform each move for 30-45 seconds before moving onto the next. After completing all 6 moves, rest one to two minutes and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

1. Bicep Curls


Using a medium weight band, place the band around your wrists, and put your arms down at your side. Begin with your arms wide enough to have some tension on the band. Contract your bicep muscles as you bend your arm, keeping the tension on the band. Release and return your arms to your side.

2. Tricep Pull Downs

Using a light/medium strength resistance band, look the band around your right hand. Place your right hand on your left shoulder, letting the band hang. Grab the bottom of the band with your left hand and push down, keeping the elbow in nice and tight to the body.

3.  Front Raises

Begin with your arms straight down at your side. Place a light/medium band around your wrists and separate the arms enough to have some tension on the bend. You want to keep the tension through the entire movement. With your arms straight, lift your arms out in front of you to shoulder heights and bring back down. Be mindful not to tense your neck and shoulders!

4. Lateral Tap Outs

Place a medium/heavy resistance band around the legs, just below the knee (alternatively, you could place the band around the ankle). Tap your leg out to the side, and bring it back in. Step out with the other leg. Continue alternating legs. Remember to sit back and your butt and get low!

5. Banded Kickbacks

With a medium band around your ankles, stand in an athletic ready stance with the chest up, feet about hip distance apart, toes and hips facing forward. Engage the butt and core muscle and squeeze as you extend one leg backward. Move slowly and with control as you extend and as you bring the leg back in. You do not need to kick your leg back high. In fact, be careful not to overextend the lower back. You just need to feel a good squeeze in the booty and abs!

6. Banded Squats

With a medium/heavy band placed just below your knees, feet about hip distance apart, toes slightly turned out or facing forward, whichever is a better squat position for your body. Lower the body as though you are sitting back in a chair (if you are new to squatting, it can help to actually have a chair or bench behind you!). Focus on pushing your knees out against the band, keeping the chest upright and lowering as much as you can. At the bottom, give your booty a big squeeze (like you gotta make a bathroom run, sorry, it’s nasty but it’s a damn relatable analogy!) and come back up with power!





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