Breaking Up With The Scale. Permanently.

My whole life all I ever wanted to be was skinny. I dedicated every birthday wish and every coin in a wishing well begging the universe to let me drop those few (hundred) pounds. Alas, it never happened.  It was a wish that left me feeling defeated, and I chose it over and over again. Year after year. Decade after decade.

I started seriously questioning and examining my mindset and goals when I became pregnant, and  when we learned we were having a girl, I put that examination in over drive.

My husband is very tall and lean. I would find myself sitting there praying that she would inherit his body type and not mine. I didn’t want her to go through what I went through. I was the worst thing a kid could be. . . FAT.

I couldn’t control whose genetics she inherited, but I certainly teach her that she was perfect at any size. That her beauty was not dependent on her mass. That her worth is not determined by a number on a scale. Only problem, I didn’t know how to do that yet.

Body love was so far away. Healthy eating was so confusing and overwhelming. What kind of workouts should I do. How much cardio? Google only made it worse. I didn’t know where to even start.

If your overwhelmed, here is the advice I can offer. Movement. Just move your body. Do what feels good. Make the goal of your exercise